My Story

It has been about 6 years now since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Contrary to how most people must feel when they have to go gluten free, I feel that it was the best thing to ever happen to me!

I remember growing up with unexplained stomach aches and always having “tummy trouble”, then at the age of 17 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, which is a Thyroid Disorder.

As I got older my unexplained stomach issues got worse. I would go to the doctor and be sent for tests, everything would come back negative or normal. My issues continued to get worse. I never knew when I would get “sick” or what caused it, and to make matters worse, I never know how bad it would be.  If I was lucky I would just have an upset stomach, bloating and gas; If lady luck wasn’t going my way I would be doubled over with painful cramps and would often be in tears hoping to find a bathroom before I dirtied myself.

It got to the point where I worried about everything I ate because I didn’t know if it would make me sick or how bad it would be when I did get sick.

I continued to go to the Doctor only to be diagnosed with a dairy allergy. This was devastating to me. I love to eat cheese, ice-cream and milk. I tried to go off dairy products and I wasn’t getting any better. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t eating dairy….so I cheated….I ate cheese, I ate ice-cream and I drank milk.

Next I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  I was just starting to research IBS and was getting ready to meet with a nutritionist to figure out what I needed to do to get it under control when my sister contacted me. My niece was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She told me it is hereditary and that I should be tested.

I went back to the Doctor to be tested.  My blood test results were positive for Celiac Disease so I was sent for the biopsy and it came back positive as well. I was thrilled to hear this! Finally, I knew what was wrong with me!

Within two weeks of going gluten free I was feeling amazing!

Since then it has been a huge learning experience for me and my family as our lifestyle changed. I hope that through this website I will be able to help other people that are going through the same experiences that I went through.

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